Friday 6th October &
Saturday 7th October 2023

The SCA Annual Conference for members is held every year in October. The conference offers an opportunity to undertake professional development and receive personal and spiritual nourishment and support.

Conference 2023 will be taking place in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Athlone

Conference Fee: €150

Annual Association Membership: €65

Membership & Conference: €215

Associate/Student Annual Membership fee: €40

Associate/Student Membership & Conference: €190

Hotel Details: TBC

Motions for Conference must be forwarded 28 days prior to meeting



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Facebook: School Chaplains’ Association of Ireland

Keynote Speakers 2022:

Maria Garvey

Inspirational Leader. Mindfulness Based Coach & Trainer in Personal, Leadership & Organisational Transformation

Robert Carley

Motivational Speaker

Suicide or Survive Wellness Workshop Facilitator

About our Keynote Speakers:

Maria Garvey

Maria Garvey is an experienced and skilled leader, manager, facilitator and coach. In a career spanning more than 30 years, as a qualified leader in education, health & social care, social enterprise and faith community, Maria has brought her experience and knowledge to a wide range of individuals and organizations both nationally and internationally. She is an innovative, transformational leader who stands for the possibility of every person having a place to shine. She is skilled in change management with a particular passion for leading people through difficult life and work transitions. Committed to empowering people whatever their circumstances her focus is always on revealing people’s gifts and unlocking human potential to bring about social transformation.  Recognizing that belonging and a clear sense of purpose are fundamental ingredients for healthy, happy and resilient organizations and cornerstones for a satisfying life, Maria is dedicated to bringing the gifts of the margins to the centre, focusing on possibility and supporting people to be architects of their own lives and futures.

Robert Carley

Rob Carley is a motivational speaker. Having worked in the corporate world for over 30 years, he shares his experience of the pressures & pleasures of gaining a work-life balance in his Suicide or Survive Wellness Workshops. His communication style has made him a sought-after speaker and he delivers his message with honesty and humour. Robert delights in sharing the lessons he has learned in life (through both good times and bad times) and is convinced that learning through laughter is a great recipe for change. Robert shares his lived life experiences in the knowledge that it may enable another person struggling on life’s journey to take hold of their life reins and realise that they are the key to change – as he says “If it’s to be it’s up to me”

Workshops 2022:


SAOL is a free media resource comprised of six episodes, that have been created intentionally to line up with some of the Learning Outcomes of the Religious Education Curriculum here in Ireland.

Each episode has been filmed and produced by a professional production company, has bespoke amination and an interview section of some team members that your students might recognise, if they have had a retreat with An Tobar Nua before.

The topics we cover include Peace, Hope, Happiness, Freedom, Purpose and Love.

SAOL is intended to be facilitated in the classroom by you, the teacher, along with the help of additional resources that are all located on one useful website.

Each episode includes its own specific Teacher Resource Document that includes ideas for integrating SAOL into your lesson plans and activities to help students apply what they’ve learned. This means that each topic can be covered in more or less detail depending on what you, the teacher, have a need for.

SAOL can be used for any of your year groups, whether exam or non-exam.

You can sign up anytime on

Maria Garvey

Deep Listening

There will be vacant positions on the SCA Executive Committee.

Please consider becoming part of the team at the AGM. Motions for Conference must be submitted 28 days prior to meeting to